Current Occasional/Seasonal Beers


CITRA – alc. 3.9%, vol.

Yes, we know it’s cold and raining but hope that this little beauty might bring a little sunshine to us all. We’ve been brewing it on and off for years of course, but our enthusiasm for it has not diminished. The big US hop aroma makes this beer an ultimate thirst-quencher – “Clean, zesty, quaffable” it says on the tin and few will argue.

Allergen information – Contains BARLEY (GLUTEN)

Cask only. Couldn’t be arsed with bottles on this occasion – sorry.


BREWERS GOLD EXTRA – alc. 5.2%, vol.

It’s back! Brewers Gold on steroids! This extra-strength version of Brewers Gold is brewed once in a while and is always well-received. As the label says, “Brewers Gold, with a bit of oomph!” Oomph, indeed.

Allergen information – Contains BARLEY (GLUTEN)

Cask available now, bottle-conditioned bottles to follow.


ERNEST – alc. 4.0%, vol.

Yet another cracking new English hop, the flavour of which is in harmony with wheat malt used in the grist. Another great pale-amber session beer. These new English hops just keep on coming!

Allergen information – Contains BARLEY (GLUTEN) & WHEAT

Cask only. Available now.



ANCHOR STREET PORTER – alc. 4.9%, vol.

Smooth and malty with roast notes, this dark beer is rich, dark and substantial.

Allergen information – Contains BARLEY (GLUTEN).

Cask & bottle-conditioned available now.


GODIVA – alc. 3.8%, vol.

This one just won’t go away! A Summer special but continued demand has meant we have sourced more Godiva hops and kept it going for a selected few outlets. In bottle, too – fill your boots!

Allergen information – Contains BARLEY (GLUTEN)

Cask & bottle-conditioned. Available now.